Saturday, July 26, 2008

Water baby

song: You're Gonna Miss This.. Trace Atkins

Sweet Orion makes me smile every day, without fail. I couldn't decide which blog to post this on, but mine won over, because I am just talkin' about sweet baby O! This kid LOVES the water, any kind he can get his paws on. We can't bathe him in a tub full of water because he tries to eat the drain, and well... that's dangerous. I may be a slacker mom, but I do try to prevent unnecessary drownings and the like. So he slips around in the wet tub bumping his noggin on the side, squealing with delight every time you pour water over him. Today my mom filled the bathroom sink, then plugged it up and held onto his legs so he could go to town splashing away! That he did! He loves getting his face wet, but then got bored and turned to his newest fascination... knobs. He will try to eat any knob... dresser pulls, door knobs, sink/faucet handles, whatever is closest and the shinier the better. Silly boy. He brightens my day with his smile, and zest for companionship and life!

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Mia's Mama said...

that's awesome! Orion is such a cool baby!
Looks like everyong got into the action and the fun! :)