Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

I am 30 years old today. I have always loved birthdays, but this year feels extra special. Not because I am an "adult" or because it moves me out of the crazy twenties... but because I feel content with my life. I like who I have become over the past 30 years. I feel like I have learned to accept myself with all my flaws and strengths. I look back at photos, some of which I will share with you... and I sometimes do not recognize the shy girl in the photo. I ran the gambit of introvert and extrovert, fat and thin, happy and depressed... all to get to where I am now. I had a wonderful fun and love filled childhood which I sometimes still feel like I am in. I keep waiting for the time when I will feel "all grown up", but it hasn't seemed to arrive yet. I don't expect that it will, at least I hope I always feel young "at heart". My tween years were spent following, and my teens a bit more leading. In high school I found myself with mentors who helped me realize my potential. They saw something in me that I had not seen myself yet. I will always be thankful for their encouragement and guidance. It wasn't until I landed in massage school that I saw myself for who I truly was or what I was capable of. Since then I have followed my heart and it has lead into this beautiful life I live at this moment. I look forward to my children's 30th birthdays and the lifetime of love within our family. I truly appreciate the wonderful friendships I have (some of the best I've had in my life) and the close family relationships that fill my heart. I am thankful I have all of you in my life. You make my days radiate with sunshine and joy!! :) So Happy Birthday to me! I am thrilled to be 30, looking forward to 40, 50 and beyond!

Enjoy the photos. Yes, Mom and Dad.. there is a "scandalous" photo on here, but that is part of the patchwork of how I got from there to here! Loved every minute of it! ;)
5 days old (on left) 3 months old (on right)!
everybody has nekked pics right? 12 months old
20 months old... broken femur
Look how fun I was at 2!!! ;)
3rd B-day party, looks like my friends were having a great time!
Queen Sara 4 years old
Hula Sara 4 or nearly 5
5th B-day celebrated at Disneyland! Wahoo!
Age 6 Wheeeeeee!
Camp Reed Age 6 or 7, Indian Princesses with Dad
Christmas age 7
Valentine's Day 2nd grade
Road trip to CO age 8
Grandma and Grandpa's condo age 9
Started violin age 10 (I believe I stopped at 11 hehe, sorry Dad)
6th grade Halloween
Pinni and Rainbow age 12
7th grade Mom's night at Jr. High
8th grade "formal" with friends

9th grade jumping off bridge with Shawn
10th grade started with football team as trainer / manager
Senior pics taken with Marty Marmot (junior year)
Senior trip to Disneyland w/ Mom and friend
gasp! Got inked in Lake Tahoe at 18
Dorm roommate Melia at Washington State, Pullman WA
Halloween Horror Nights age 19, Livin' large in Orlando FL
Age 20 Manito Park, Spokane WA
21 back in FL for a visit!
Age 23, met Russell! Yellowstone trip
Age 24 getting married next day!
Married bliss at 24

Preggo and livin' in TX at 25
Sweet Leilani born at 26
Pregnant again at 27! Welcome Orion!
28 and goin' smooth

29!! (

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi! my name is ...

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Apparently the only way to make your business grow is to personally meet everyone who might become a prospective client, shake their hand and introduce yourself. Oh wait... I don't have to do all that ... I can just meet a few people and get them to love me so much they'll want to tell EVERYONE they know about me and my services. That's it! I am surprised someone hasn't thought of that before! What's that you say, someone has? Oooooohhhh, THAT'S what networking is! got it. Ok, so how do I do that....

First: Offer all my friends, family and blog readers the opportunity to tell others about my business in return for cash! Fabulous!
For every new client that comes in referred by one of you (my friends or family) I will send YOU $10 in cash!!! Seriously.
Please just tell your friend that I need to know who referred them to me (or I won't know that you need any cash). :) Your word of mouth advertising is priceless to me and the success of my business, so thank you!
If you are a blog reader whom I've not had the opportunity to meet yet, I will extend a discount of $10 off your first session with mention of this blog post! :)

Second: Actually introduce myself to as many Austinites (who would be willing to talk highly of me and my business to everyone they know) as possible. Where do I find these people, OH I know... through great local blogs like LiveMom! Wahoo I have a plan, at least to start with!

visit me at my website... :)