Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wow! A month already?

It has officially passed the month mark on my adventure with eating vegan.... and we will continue. I am feeling fantastic! And Orion, sweet little Orion is flourishing! Russell is a good sport and really understands the "why?" of how we are eating. I am blessed to be married to someone who "gets" me and the way I think. And when he doesn't understand he is still patient and willing to go along for the ride. The food we've been eating has been full of flavor and fills our tummies! I have also started drinking Kombucha as it has enormous digestive benefits. I promised Russell I would only try it for 2 weeks (by the $3.59 bottle) and if I wanted to continue I'd start making my own, wahoo! So far, so good! I'll have to update again if things start to change, otherwise this is most likely a permanent change (at least for me and possibly Orion)
The cookbook that is shown above is our new eating bible practically. The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook (click link to purchase) We LOVE the delicious recipes in this book, ans she gives great tips and descriptions on preparing whole foods. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, not just vegetarians. There are a few tasty looking meat recipes in there too. Check it out. I also have a link to her blog on my blog list, definitely worth looking at! (I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just REALLY love the cookbook! )

I am starting to feel more connected with purpose, with the planet, my work, my family and everything else. When the food fog clears its amazing to see what was not visible before. The Biodynamic Craniosacral work that I do is all about lifting "the veil" to reveal what is normally "unseen" and to offer space and a renewed sense of original purpose for the client. When I am more clear in what I feel, the work unfolds exponentially. I have been in class for 4 days this week and already I have noticed the extra depth in my work that was not present over a month ago. And no the picture above does not mean I am pregnant, its representative of my ability to see the whole picture clearer and in a different way than before. :-)
I am trying to bring in more Craniosacral clients into my practice, I know that this work has substantial benefits and I'd LOVE to be able to share it with more people.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I decided to post this video since it had an impact on my food eating choices. It was sent to me from a dear friend, and I can't resist sharing. It's a You Tube video set to Alanis Morisette's song "Offer".
I felt sick to my stomache that I had been consuming in excess food that was not even food, while people all over the world struggle to survive, day in and day out. By taking advantage of the wholesome foods the Earth has to offer, I am not supporting huge factory farms who destroy our rainforests and pollute our soil. The grain that is grown in most countries is primarily raised to feed farm animals, instead of feeding the people who have nothing to eat. This video is pretty powerful in that respect.

Alanis Morissette - Offer

Who am I to be blue
Look at my family and fortune
Look at my friends and my house

Who am I to feel deadend
Who am I to feel spent
Look at my health and my money

And where
Where do I go to feel good
Why do I still look outside me
When clearly I've seen it won't work

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable?
And is it my job to be selfless extraordinary?
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

And why
Why do I feel so ungrateful
Me who is far beyond survival
Me who see life as an oyster

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable?
And is it my job to be selfless extraodinary?
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

And how
How dare I rest on my laurels
How dare I ignore an outstretched hand
How dare I ignore a third world country

Is it my calling to keep on when I'm unable?
And is it my job to be selfless extraodinairy?
And my generosity has me disabled
By this my sense of duty to offer

2 weeks in

And no new blog to keep track of my vegan switch over, why? BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS IN THE KITCHEN COOKING! :-) Actually there is some truth in that jest. I have been cooking A LOT, but wonderful fresh food. Last week I fed my family over 90% freshly prepared food, not from a box or can. For ME, that is a miracle. I am loving the way I feel, in fact I am pleased to say that I am feeling better now than I did several years ago. The first week was hard, not in the desire to eat meat or consume dairy products, but my body was detoxing from all that meat eating. I actually feel lighter, (technically I am lighter by 6 pounds too), but I am feeling lighter in the belly and less brain fog to boot.
I have never had the desire to learn to cook before, in fact I'd go as far to say that I despised cooking. Part of that hate was my anger at food for making my baby sick or rashy. It was my way to detach from food. Besides, food was making me feel ill and disconnected from the Earth. Most of our family meals consisted of brown rice (pre-cooked and frozen, then microwaved), a boring veggie with little to no seasoning, and a meat (mostly turkey, fish, occasional bison, or lamb). zzzzzzzzzzz. boring I know. I was feeling trapped by Orion's food sensitivities, and my lack of desire to do more.

I don't know what struck me to change the way I was viewing food. All I know is that I actually look forward to buying whole foods and preparing yummy meals and snacks for my family. I am excited to learn new recipes I can try, the kids have LOVED all the muffins I've made.

Leilani is in a phase where she doesn't want to try anything I make (I am sure its just the age talking) and Orion has been game for almost everything, and so far his digestive system is tolerating everything we've given him, and we've tried a lot of new food with him. Russell, sweet Russell has been a good sport so far. I told him that if he wanted junk food or meat he'd have to buy it himself, and so far he's ok with that arrangement. I think he's having a harder time adjusting to life with far less meat. He even requested the Sunflower Seed Burgers again. :-)

Doing this much food prep and cooking has made me re-evaluate my family priorities as well. I am a big fan of "slow parenting" please visit , which puts family above social agenda. I want even more time with my kids, better time, more connection. Somehow by making the time to be home to cook, I have chosen to be with my family more than before, and I love it. I even woke up at 5:30am on Sunday morning to make my kids from- scratch pancakes, and it felt way better than our usual waffles in the toaster routine. I am even considering taking Orion out of school for a year so I can have some one on one time with him when Leilani is at school.

Things, they are a shifting.. and I am loving the ride!
I want to add, I have been cooking almost soley by my new favorite cookbook and healthy eating guide the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. Her blog always has great recipes and tips too.
I know this is boring for those of you who already cook like this.. but I am an excited newbie, so I took pics of my new cooking skills ;-)
purple cauliflower, who knew?
Curry cauliflower and carrot soup, with coconut milk, and some kale, rice, and chickpea "salad"
Orion devouring his banana and apple muffin for his half birthday celebration!