Thursday, July 31, 2008

It could have been worse...

song: Bad Bad Day... PINK
Sorry no photo, too shitty of a day to take photos!

Yesterday was..... Horrid!! On top of being lonely and slightly depressed about Russell being gone... it got worse, much worse.
I attended a playdate with the lovely O'mamas, we had a gluten free potluck, the food was tasty except for mine. Mom and I made a quinoa and corn pasta with pesto goat cheese, veggies and chicken on Tuesday night. It was delicious, fresh. I brought it over to our hostess' house and reheated it, blech. The noodles feel apart, the veggies were soggy and it was dry and you couldn't taste the goat cheese. :( So sad. Oh well, now I know to eat it all the first night or reheat it and add more goat cheese. Why oh why am I writing about food?? Anyhoo.. The playdate was good, but Leilani was grumpy and fairly unfriendly, and Orion did his own thing, kinda ho hum.

We ran an errand after the playdate where O fell asleep in the Ergo, and Leilani did the sleepy head bobbing in the cart, Leilani did not fall asleep in the car, what is up with that? So I fought her for an hour to get her to sleep... no luck. "I'm huuuuungryyyyyyyyy" she said in her very best whine. Sigh, fine, have a snack, THEN NAP! No luck after food either. She screamed and pounded and then slapped me in the face to avoid taking a nap (this was 4:30pm). Yikes mama was angry, roar!!! I was steaming mad and trying to keep her from waking her sweet brother who took 45 minutes to rock/bounce to sleep. Finally she dozed off at 5pm and slept for an hour and a half, whew.
At 6:10 or so Orion was playing next to couch and all of a sudden he started to cry and a few seconds later started to gag, a lot. Like when you can't swallow a pill or get a piece of hard candy stuck in your throat. I swiped his mouth between screams and large tears, nothing. I started to panic, flipped him over and started to pound on his back, nothing, gag gag gag. I felt SOOO horrible! After 5 minutes of gagging I called my Dad in tears... "WHAT DO I DO???" He threw up, but was still gagging, then he spit up with a tinge of blood, :( . He told me to take him to the ER right away! I met both of my parents at the Round Rock ER, not my fav hospital but when your baby is gagging and screaming, you can't think straight. They triaged us right away and in all it only took 2 hours, not bad for a packed ER. They x-rayed him, (we shall now call him "Radioactive Boy" instead of Porkchop) and found..................... nada. Who KNOWS what happened? I think maybe he swallowed something that dissolved like a piece of Leilani's Oaty Bites cereal, or scratched the back of his throat (uvula) which made him gag. Either way he is FINE like sunshine, and slept like a, well, baby! He is happy as can be today. Better safe than sorry when breathing and swallowing objects is concerned.
So... no, the day is done done yet....almost...
My mom followed me home at around 8:40pm to help get the kids in bed, I put the baby in his jammies and thought, SHIT it is hot in here................ Oh......NO... please do not tell me the AC is BROKEN AGAIN!?! Yup, sure enough, 82 degrees downstairs and 86 up. UGH!!!!! So, we packed up everything we owned (feels like) and all went back to my parents house, so I could sleep on the couch. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breeeeaaaaath! Leilani couldn't sleep on the air mattress so Grandma slept with her from 3am on. My parents are THE BEST!!!! Thank GOD my parents live here, otherwise I don't know what I would have done.
The best thing about yesterday, I got an email from the beautiful and muy talented Bonnie Berry, she posted a few of the Ballard family photos on her blog. More will be coming soon, woohoo!
So, it could have been worse, I am glad it wasn't. My child did not die or even need major medical attention, and my house did not burn to the ground, its just hot in there, and my food was still eaten by the mamas (even though it was gross). Thank you Universe for not giving me any real challenges to deal with, for that I am eternally grateful!


Melissa said...

what a rotten day! i'm glad you've got your folks to help out but so sorry there was so much to need help with in the first place! here's wishing for a peaceful weekend.

Mia's Mama said...

Oh my what a day!
I must tell you that the pasta was sooooo yummy! Helloooo I cleaned my plate and barely shared with my daughter. It may have been better the night before, but we didn't know and we ALL thought it was super fab!
I LOVE the shots Bonnie took of you guys. LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you and Russ under the big tree, Leilani by the window and your radioactive boy all upside down...

now, for all the stuff between the pasta and pic...all I can give you is a big *hug* :)

Seeking Sara said...

thanks guys, today has been MUCH better!

jw said...

YOU ARE NUTS!! That pasta was delicious! I,too, cleaned my plate!
Sooo thankful that O is fine, you're such a good mama! Sucks a big one that your AC is down! Glad today has been better! :)

C-man and Mama said...

Thank goodness for your folks! But you do know that you could call "us" if needed. At the very least I can come over after a long day and join you for an adult beverage when Russ is away and the kids are actually both sleeping.
Good news, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Bonnie said...

What a SHIT day. Sometimes it just feels like you have a KICK ME sign on your back, huh? I hate when Josh travels and he only does it rarely. I don't know how you do it. You have an open invitation for dinner here. Any night.