Friday, July 18, 2008

Gotta love the TABC

We went to Chuys (again) the other night with the whole gang, my parents, brother and fam, and all of us. Orion really wanted my margarita, and just couldn't wait till it arrived via milk form. And since its legal in Texas to serve your own children alcohol, yes you read that correctly...
Also as of September 1, 2005, persons 21 or older (other than the parent or guardian) can be held liable for damages caused by intoxication of a minor under 18 if the adult knowingly provided alcoholic beverages to a minor or knowingly allowed the minor to be served or provided alcoholic beverages on the premises owned or leased by the adult.
No, I did not actually let him drink, what kind of parent do y'all think I am?? But he was fascinated with the salt and my straw. Gotta start them early you know. :)


C-man and Mama said...

Bad Mommy...LMAO!

anja said...

Love it! Anika has tried beer at the same age but margaritas are SO much more interesting!