Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rocky Mountain Hiiiigghhhh Coloradoooo

song: Rocky Mountain High... John Denver
Horseback riding in the rain, gorgeous and fun! Isabella, Me, Stan, and Charles

We just got back from Snowmass, CO last night. We have been up there since last Sunday with the majority of Russell's family. Every year his parents rent the same house/ski chalet for about a month/month and a half in the summer. His mom hates the heat here in central TX, don't we all?? So it was me, the babes, Russell, Russell's parents, his brother Stan, brother Charles and his oldest daughter Isabella. All in one small house. Now, I have to say before I begin, that I adore his family. They are truly wonderful people, salt of the earth in fact, but... they are not the family I grew up with and they do things a bit differently than I, quite a bit differently. I am blessed to have married into such a wonderful family, who loves each other very much and everybody gets along.
That being said... I struggled a bit last week. Since I have a highly restricted diet (poor Orion's excema depends on my eating habits), it is pretty hard to cook for me if you are not used to changing the way you cook. My MIL had a very hard time preparing menus that could fit into my "list", so I ate other things, which frustrated her even more. It caused some tension between us, it didn't help that I was the only other woman up there, and in HER kitchen none the less. Anyhoo... enough of that... we had a great time, but I am thrilled to be home. Snowmass and Aspen are BEAUTIFUL this time of year, flowers everywhere and the PERFECT climate. I have so many photos to share... more photos to come on the kids blog.
On with the pictures...

Stan, Charles, and my sweetie Russell

Our view for dinner at the Pine Creek Cookhouse, Russ took the pic.

Leilani was actually a ham for the camera that day.. so cute

Orion fell asleep in the Ergo on the way back down Mt. Aspen in the Gondola, high altitude = good for napping. :)

The Maroon Bells..... Breathtaking!

Orion and I going up, up up Mt. Aspen
And that's all you get... or I'll be here forever uploading. :)
Glad to be back... missed my O'mama pals and Leilani wants to get back to her pals too!!

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jw said...

YAY!YIPPEEE!! Sooo glad you guys are back. we missed you!!
fab. photos!! looks so cool and refreshing!