Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have been puting a lot of attention on breath recently, since I have been focused on my diaphragm. Its said that learning how to breathe well (diaphragmatically) can increase overall health and well being, including lower the acidic pH in the body. A great many things can be improved by better breathing. A classmate of mine just emailed this to me... so true...

An ancient teaching from India points to the truth. There was a conference of all the human faculties, all the senses, which in the Indian tradition are six: the five senses plus the mind.
As at many meetings, they first had to decide who would be in charge. Sight popped up and put in its bid, creating beautiful images that had everyone enraptured. Smell arose and created powerful and haunting aromas that left everyone tingling with anticipation. But Taste could top that, with astounding and delectable flavors that brought such incredible joy. Hearing created exquisite harmonies that brought everyone to tears, and the Body brought on physical sensations that had everyone in ecstasy, while the Mind spun out intellectual theories that took on beauty by the depths of the truths they expressed.Along came the Breath - not even one of the senses !! - and said it wanted to be in charge. All it could offer was the simple in - and - out breath, not terribly impressive in comparison to all the other senses. The other senses got into a tremendous argument about which one of them would be chosen. The Breath, in its disappointment began walking away. The Mental images began to fade, the Tastes lost their savor, the Sounds diminished.........."Wait," the senses called out. "Come back ! You can lead. We need you. " And the breath came back and took its proper place.

I have been breathing well in the croc pose but my kids think its great fun to climb on top of me while I do it, not exactly relaxing, but I love it.
The image above is painted by Melanie Weidner, I found this online and I love it!

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