Monday, June 30, 2008

It's gettin' hot in here

Our house... wait.. that's a sauna. Yep, that's our house all right.

Our AC broke Saturday afternoon, ugh! We were fine until about 11 pm, it got up to about 87 degrees upstairs, and nobody could sleep. Thank goodness we left the house Sunday morning. Russ took the kiddos to my parents for the day while I went to a Craniosacral tutorial session. We ended up staying at my parents last night because the top temp in our house yesterday afternoon was 97 degrees upstairs and that was at the thermostat (where its cooler). Yuck and a half! I have to wait for the AC repair guys to call this morning, hopefully it will be fixed today so we can move back home. They just called Russell, they will be at our house between 12 and 6pm, nothing like being specific. At least they are coming today. woohoo!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party crasher

I must have said something to the stars last night because my hopes of a MNO were fulfilled! Hooray! I crashed a fabulous ladies night with a friend who was hanging with a girlfriend of hers. They let me tag along to the Melting Pot with them, mmmmmmmmmmm! The Melting Pot is my favorite restaurant, because I love cheese and chocolate and everything else that comes with the meal! Although I could only eat a portion (because of my highly restricted diet), it was delicious! The company was outstanding, and I had an awesome time!!! I felt much better after getting a much need break from mommy duties, and I even got to wear a dress, now how 'bout that? The funny thing about this picture above, I can't eat stawberries or chocolate. :)

I am making the baby move out

10 weeks old... is that the last time he slept really well?? yikes

of our bedroom that is. We decided that after weeks, wait no, months of bad sleep for Orion AND Russ and I, that the sweet babe needs his own space. He's been in his crib, but attached to our bed like a cosleeper for a while now. When he learned to crawl we had to put the 4th wall up on the crib because he is ninja quiet and crawled out of bed and onto the floor 3 times in 2 days, no bueno. He wakes up if I roll over or heaven forbid I sneeze. I am hoping with the move to his room he'll sleep at least a little better than he does right now. I love sleeping with my babies, but alas I don't think my kids were cut out for longterm cosleeping, sigh. I think Russell is totally stoked about getting our room back, maybe he thinks he'll get more action if we don't have to do it downstairs. This could be good, for everybody!

Friday, June 27, 2008

"Some days are diamonds

Others are crap." I know that's not the words to the song, but its how I am feeling this week. The kids will just not give me a flippin' break with the sleeping. Neither of them has napped worth a damn this week, and NEVER at the same time, ugh! As soon as Leilani goes down the baby decided to stay awake (even though he is clearly exhausted), then the minute he finally closes his eyes, Leilani is wide awake and LOUD! She comes dashing into my room where O sleeps and starts talking (really its whining this week) which in turn wakes the baby and I have to start all over again. I love my precious babies, but my patience is wearing thiiiiiiin. I need a mom's night out, BAD. This too shall pass, I know. I just wish it could be sooner rather than later. The baby is awake, what a suprise, more to come later.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MNO discussion

So Russ and I chatted a bit after the last Mom's night out (Tanya's coloring extravaganza). I happened to tell him that other mamas have to "pay" for MNO with "favors", and that I felt lucky because he just knew how much I needed them and doesn't bother to ask for anything in return. He looked at me, paused, then said "waaaait a second, the other husbands get sexual favors for letting their wives have a night out? How come I don't get that?" Oops, I should've kept my mouth shut. :) Then curiosity got the best of him... "How often do these guys get these favors? Something doesn't seem fair here." I know he's kidding, kinda. Love ya babe!

Awake before the sun

One day, I will be able to sleep in past 5 :2oam or so. I just have to remind myself of this, over and over. My babes are killin' me here with the lack of sleep. What is soooo important that they have to get up this early EVERY DAY?! I am pleased that they enjoy life so much that they don't want to miss a minute, but for God's sake can't they please just let Mommy sleep in every once in a while? I sometimes wonder how much nicer I'd be if I got sleep on a regular basis. ;) Perhaps my libido ran away with my full luxurious night sleep? If anybody sees those two hanging out somewhere, please let me know, I'd like them both back in my life! ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yet another day without Russell

Picture taken in Columbus, May '08
Sigh..... Today is the second day without Russell. I miss him soooo much. I barely saw him while I was in school over the last week and weekend, then he left first thing yesterday for Louisville. It seems we have been crossing each others paths lately but barely enough time or energy to do more than smile, give a small hug and then keep on truckin'. He will be home tonight, late. Thank goodness. I owe him a Father's Day since I was miserable sick at the minor emergency all afternoon. He needs some Russell time, not doing yard work. I hope he doesn't have to turn around and head up to Columbus right away. It would be nice to see his handsome face every once in a while! another sigh...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Solstice Party

Shawn and Steph threw the most beautiful Summer Solstice Garden Party last Friday night. They held it next to their fantastic garden, and Steph's food was Yum-O as usual. The theme was local fare... all ingredients were from Texas (with a few minor exceptions like where do you find olive oil in TX). She even bought a ferrel pig leg from the farmer's market, how cool is that? The beets, green beans and a few other things were from their garden and everything else was either grown in TX or better yet purchased from local farmer's markets and such. The dessert was a peach trio, mmmmm. She made a peach pie filling for fried peach pies, which she had made into a quart of Amy's Ice Cream as well, and a grilled peach with pearbutter goat cheese. I am drooling all over agian.
It was so nice to have some adult conversation with thier friends. Thanks Shawn and Stephanie for a wonderful evening!

I know very little...

I have just finished 5 intense days immersed in the world of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I loved every second of it. After the first module about 9 weeks ago I felt as if I was on the right track but had no idea where I was going. After this module, I realize where I am going but I am intimidated by the "greatness" of this work. We learned the VERY basics of the occipital bone and the spheniod, the central nervous system, the respiratory diaphragm, and cerebral spinal fluid. With only that information I feel like I know 100x what I knew 9 weeks ago, but now I realize just how much studying and knowledge I still have to learn. phew. I got to experience first hand what a release feels like on the table. My partner "M", was palpating my nervous system when then wind began to blow. As soon as she connected with the nervous system, lightning struck outside and inside, literally. I had lots of pulling and shifting feelings in my neck and shoulder which brought on an emotion including tears from my solar plexus to the back of my ear. It was intense to say the least. I don't know what emotion I felt or what memory/trama/feeling it came from, but that's ok. Its not always important to know, if it needs to be seen it will show me in another way. I feel better now, I am still trying to process the entire event.
Another really cool thing we practiced is called "Body, low, slow, loop". Its a technique to deal with sensations or feeling in the body. Its great for healing trauma, but works wonders for small issues too. I look forward to sharing it with clients. Its too long to discuss via blog.
I feel like I have a lot more to bring to the table, literally. I can't wait to get my hands on more people to practice my new listening skills. A sweet girl from the TLC school is coming up tonight to get a session. Its a nice feeling to practice on people who have a visceral knowledge of their own bodies, it makes my job easier when they can describe sensations in their bodies. I also love working with people with no prior knowledge, since they have no expectations, it lowers my performance anxiety.
Now if only I could figure out a way to teach Leilani body, low, slow,loop to calm herself down. :)