Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns!

SO I got to attend my very first UT game on Saturday, its about time! I was born a cougar fan (Washington State Univ) my parents met there, its my brother's alma mater, and I attended for a semester (I know that barely counts), therefore I am a cougar through and through, until I moved to TX, when I officially became a Longhorn. My Bro in law is am alum as is my father in law, which means I'd be disowned from Russell's family if I didn't automatically bleed burnt orange. Its a good thing my kids were born with burnt orange hair, lets hope it will help their application into UT. I LOVE football (in person, I despise sports on TV). I was an athletic trainer/manager for the football teams in high school, loved it. I have been preggo or nusing a wee one every football season since we moved here, so I have never been to a game. My inlaws have season tickets which they are never in town to use. :) Unfortunaely I had a terrible sinus infection and blew my runny nose every 5 seconds until half time when we snuck out after the band played. I did get to see Matthew McConaughey and his gorgeous girlfriend (and slung baby), they made an appearance at half time, of course. I am obviously an old lady because when they showed him on the Jumbo-tron they first thing I thought of when the crowd burst into a roar of applause and whoops was... isn't it awfully late for a newborn to be at a football game with a screaming crowd of 98,000 people??? What were they thinking? He is hot, but come on. :) Yeah Horns!!!!


Mia's Mama said...

I went to a game years ago and had a blast! I guess I'm too old now, cuz I'd rather watch from the comfort of my sofa :)

Hook 'em Horns!

or as Mia used to say 'Hop on Corns!'

jw said...

oohh. I won't tell micah you're a longhorn fan, he likes you too much.
Get better chica!

Andrea said...

Well I graduated from UT, but only managed to make one football game!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Stan says: Hook 'em!!!! :)