Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sacral Unfolding... BCST insights (long)

I realize that this will be a bit much information for some readers... if you have no desire to know about some very deep and personal aspects of me, skip this post. :)
Again, this is a journal entry for Module 3 of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training.

I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one
and the scorned one.
I am the whore, and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the mother and the daughter....
I am she whose wedding is great,
and I have not taken a husband....
I am knowledge, and ignorance.

Thunder, Perfect Mind, Gnostic poem, 100 A.D.

Sophia, by Alex Gray
2 days ago I had major shifting in my hips and sacrum during a session that John our instructor continued after class ended. It was not the first time I had encountered these physical movements during a session, but I had yet to resolve the swirling of emotion or feelings that felt like an arising from there. I sat up after the session was over and knew that the actual movement I felt in the session was related to the movement I felt while in labor with Orion. With every contraction I would need to twist my hips and bend my left knee down and to the right. If I didn't follow this pattern I was in terrible pain. So I twisted like this for 9 hours until he was born. I recognized the pattern quickly, but I knew in my heart that the motion was not alone. Why did I have to bend and twist? Why do I still feel echos of that now?
Yesterday morning I was reading articles on a website from Jaap van der Wal an embryologist from the Netherlands. (If you ever have some time and have a curiosity about the development of a human... not just our physical body... read this website, fascinating). He mentioned the "gestures" humans go through in life, the shifts we all go through from before conception to death. He says that all of these gestures are like deaths. For instance we die being in utero when we are born into the world. Our infancy dies when we become toddlers, childhood dies to emerge as an adolescent, and so on... These gestures make us human. I was happily reading for a while then hopped into the car to go to school. While driving it hit me like a TON of bricks. THATS IT! EUREKA! I realized that I have not been able to "grieve" the death of Leilani my baby into Leilani the toddler, or the pregnancy to new baby, or from having one child to having 2. It all happened so fast with difficult nursing and no sleep thrown in for fun. I was thrown into this without the knowledge of how the sort it all out.
I am also dealing with feelings (that I have known about) that I don't believe belong to me. I feel like they could be my maternal Grandmother's or Greatgrandmother's. I am deathly afraid of getting pregnant with a third child. It has become a phobia almost. I can't imagine how I would feel if I got pregenat with a third child. Its weird, I loved being pregnant, and giving birth, but I just can't do it again. I feel like I do not own this feeling. My maternal Grandmother had 3 children in 3 years. They are all 11 months apart. I don't believe that was her choice. She ended up having a nervous breakdown during her 3rd pregnancy (or shortly after, can't remember) and never really handled having 3 kids very well. I am sure part of my feeling comes from just knowning her story, but there is part of me that feels like maybe I have an actual echo of her story in my physical body, passed on from my own mother.
SO, now that I know all this info what on earth do I do with it? I asked John, and he said I should continue getting sessions as well as talking to someone, and in this case it will be Carrie Contey (since this is her specialty) she just so happens to be in my Craniosacral class too.
One more interesting story from yesterday. GB Khalsa, a local midwife is in my Craniosacral class as well, and was kind enough to bring a placenta to class yesterday. It is a few days old, from her last birth. Since we had started learning about embryology, she thought this would be an amazing addition, it was. I was standing watching her talk about it and show each part. At first I felt fine, and was interested in every detail, then all of a sudden I couldn't take it any more. I turned around and immediately laid down on my massage table face down. My heart ached so bad and I was having a cramp (very similar to menstrual cramps) in my pelvis. My heart was beating out of my chest. I just laid there with tears rolling out of my eyes trying to use "Body, low, slow, loop" to come out of this. I have no doubt that seeing that placenta just set off the same feelings agin, maybe even more intensely. There is no organ in the body that symbolizes the bond between baby and mother like that of the placenta. whew. I feel just fine this morning, but I am looking forward to talking to Carrie about it all.
See I told you it was TMI. :) Thanks for reading. :)


Andrea said...

I knew Carrie Contey was an early childhood guru and gave wonderful parenting workshops, but didn't realize she also specialized in this as well (processing birth fears and past birth traumas). Wow.

Interesting stuff on the placenta and your reaction. And that you were able to recognize your feelings.

C-man and Mama said...

Wow...I think it is amazing that in your journey to help others you have learned so much about yourself along the way!

anja said...

I am just amazed that i know someone who is so connected with their own inner self and the energy of the world. I had never heard about an 'echo' of some one else's feelings..that is so incredible, the stuff you talk about reaaaaalllly intrigues me a lot. I Find it amazing the path you are on.

Hikaro said...

echo flashbacks. Scientifically, the individual person's DNA would need to be constantly evolving/mutating and storing information in a rolling log format (kinda like this blog.) Then when the DNA is passed on to the offspring, that experience's signature is also passed on. Just like a trait or a predisposition. While there hasn't been any scientific research done on this, doesn't mean it's false.

I suppose one would need to compare the DNA signature of a newborn, the compare it again with the DNA signature of the same person 50 years later, and look for variations or hints that the DNA is not static, and constantly storing.