Sunday, September 21, 2008

School's out... till November

Whew! I am done with this module! That was 5 intense days, and I can't stuff another piece of information into my head at all! Thank goodness I have 10 weeks to digest everything and to practice it all!
I always feel like I fall way out of the loop with all of my friends when I go to school. Its nice to merge and become one with the work and the material, but I find it so hard to start reconnecting once its over. I guess I change a bit every time I go. I have a drive to be better, nicer, kinder, more patient, better to myself, but somewhere I like my old comfortable self. I am familiar with my old self and patterns. Its easier. I would however like to move forward in life and bring my friends along with me. I want to stop gossiping so much, and offer my hand to help instead. I want to keep the same kind of space I provide in a Craniosacral session for everyone I come in contact with. I suppose some of these will be on my vision board. That's way to start.
Time to pack! I am heading off to VT on Wednesday to spend some much needed R&R time with Russell over our 4 year anniversary. First time away from either child since well before Leilani was born. Russ is already up there. Miss him already.


C-man and Mama said...

Ohhhh...have a wonderful trip to VT sans kiddos! They will do great and you will love them even more upon your return.

I sincerely hope that as you move forward you might feel compelled to drag my arse along for the journey! I know I would be much better for it. I feel like surrounding myself with these O'mamas provides me an opportunity to pick up these little golden nuggets along the path and I am just tucking them in my toolbag.

jw said...

Miss ya, mama! Have fun, relax and enjoy - you deserve it.