Sunday, September 14, 2008


Song: Somewhere over the Rainbow... Iz

My first goal board 8 years ago... long before hubby or kids

Every once in a while I realize that I am stuck. Its not always for the worse. Sometimes it just feels as if I am spinning my wheels in place, I try so hard to get somewhere, but I don't seem to move forward. I have the keen ability (now, I never used to) to know when I am straying off the path that was meant to be my life in its perfect form. In times it comes as un-organization or clutter, other times heartache and despair, or worse... injury. Thankfully its not any of the latter right now. I have been running around placing my energy in so many places lately that I have seem to forgotten which of those is most important to me, and what I need to do to see it all clearly. Its like I have been trying to figure out what's on my to do list when its on a million post it notes all over my house. Normally I like lists, but I don't think that linear and straight forward.
I prefer making goal boards. Like 3-D brainstorming maps for my goals. I started making these 8 years ago in massage school, and fell in love (with making them). They take a while to create, you have to search for words and pictures that jump out at your intuition. Sometimes I would put words and pics on my boards without a specific goal, but sure enough it came into fruition in some manner. Its crazy! I would LOVE to host a MNI with the O'mamas to do these boards together. We support each other so much as it is, it would be great to share the excitement in our goals with each other, perhaps even spark some ideas for each other we didn't think about ourselves. So... we'll see if there is interest.

I need to start gathering... this should be fun!


anja said...

Sara, i can't tell how timely this is. i've never been able to put my lack of direction and drifting through life down into words as you just did in your post. I clicked on your board...I love it. i used to do stuff like this in my diary, just words and drawings, just listening to my inner voice...I think its the missing piece, like your board says, 'you have the training, the vision, the desire, what's missing?' What's missing is my own focus and admission to myself that I need to listen to my inner voice again. Thank you for bringing this up on the MB too.

Seeking Sara said...

I am glad you were sparked! We'll begin this journey together!!

Mia's Mama said...

I've never created a board like this, but have always wanted to. I once cut out pieces that spoke to me from magazines and put them in a folder. It was pretty much all about having a loving husband and family. Got it. Even if it was in a folder...imagine if it was out in the open :)