Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Sweetpea!

Thursday is Leilani's 2 and 1/2 Birthday, we celebrated last night!! Russell and I decided that we wanted to make another special day a year for each child, what could be easier to remember than their half birthdays?! She got half a cake and one present after dinner, no big parties or friends over, just fam. :) Leilani loves it! I tried to make a gluten free vanilla cake mix (by Namaste) but I couldn't stomach it. It was horrid!!! Ugh, gag! It tasted like soggy cornbread, that wasn't sweet and didn't contain corn, gross!!! So I made the Pamela's brownie mix, cut it in half and frosted it, delicious!!! It is supposed to look like half a cake. It ended up one of the ugliest cakes I've made in a while, but it tasted great!! Leilani and I designed her monster on our mama friend Stephanie's CurlyQCuties website about a week ago. She had SOOO much fun choosing the monster, we played with the design for about a half hour. This color, no this one, no this one, that belly, this mouth, yada yada... Stephanie was lightning fast in making it for her, WOW! When Leilani opened it last night, she was SO excited! She knew was it was right away! "Its MY monster!!!!" she carried it around all evening and slept with it last night. She even tucked herself in with it while playing. :) I can't believe she's getting so big so fast! 21/2, yikes!
Happy Half Birthday Sweetpea!!


Mia's Mama said...

Ohhhh Happy Halfie, Leilani!!! Mia LOVES her monster :)
What a super sweet idea, and a yummy looking 'cake'. Hmmm too bad we already missed Mia's Halfie :(

Gabriel said...

Cool! My hubby and I were talking about doing this for Kanai! I love the ideas, and I'm glad Leilani enjoyed her special day.

Stephanie said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Leilani!! I'm so happy that she loves her monster. I think that is the best part for me -- knowing that I made a child happy even if it's for only a brief moment.

Melissa said...

That cake is fabulous! What a great idea, and it turned out really really cute.