Friday, August 29, 2008

Ants and roaches and spiders... OH MY!

Ugh! Our house is infested!! I cannot get rid of these pesky bugs! I scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom last night, and those damn sugar ants came back AGAIN!! We also have a family of huge cockroaches living in our kitchen, ack! Russ and I Rochambeau each other for who goes downstairs at night, because if you go down, you have to battle las cucarachas , yuck! Yes, at least 3 a night. Russ saw one the other day poking his antennae out above the dishwasher (in between the dishwasher and the cabinet) so he poked it with a steak knife. I am positive all he did was piss him off and he called all his sugar ant friends over to invade my kitchen again! He also wanted me to buy a fly swatter at HEB so he could whack roaches, crazy guy. They are huge, what is fly swatter going to do, give them a massage? I also got bit by a spider when cleaning under my oven, ouch! Maybe it was a fire ant, I can't tell, but it hurts like hell! That's what I get for cleaning under the oven I guess. The fine men from ABC pest Control are coming this morning, my heroes! We have been trying organic non-toxic methods, but obviously the bugs are just laughing at us. Fine! Wanna play rough? I've got the big guns comin', so watch out! :D
So the ABC guy just stopped by... they are FIRE ANTS in my kitchen!!AAAACCCKKK!!! No wonder I got bit under the oven! They have now moved from the counters to the FLOOR, what I am supposed to do?? My baby crawls all over the kitchen floor, and eats microscopic treats off the carpet... looks like we'll be living upstairs all weekend, until the pest guys can come back on Wednesday. Aaarrrrggg. They will be spraying the hell out of our attic, plumming, outside brick, lawn, kitchen, etc. Thank goodness... I am DONE with these little sons of beeches! :)

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Mia's Mama said...

ugh! I've NEVER even heard of fire ants nesting inside! That's just crazy talk!
If you guys wanna come over and play this week, come on over!