Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome baby!

I don't know who this sweet baby is... but its not baby "Jane" :)

song: Welcome to this World, Renee and Jeremy... so sweet!

On Monday I had the absolute honor of being at a birth of a beautiful sweet baby girl! The world is even a better place with her in it. Her parents called me at 2am to let me know that they were admitted at the hospital since mom's water had broken 8 hours before that. They were having a party at home with friends and she never told them she was leaking. :) Unfortunately her contractions did not kick in in a hospital timely manner so they had to start pitocin, grrrrr. Sweet baby "Jane" (not her name) was born via Cesarean at around 6pm. I hope I was able to give her some pain relief before she got her epidural. She was a superstar, I am totally impressed with how well she tolerated labor before her epidural and eventual C-section. Dad was a champ as well, what a perfect team! Baby "Jane" is so lucky to have such wonderful parents, they are 100% Austin, way cool and fantastic people. In some ways I feel like I could have done more as her doula to help prevent the Cesarean birth, but I know that I do not control anything nor did I make any of their decisions, but you always play the coulda-shoulda-woulda game, at least a little bit. I was glad to have been a help with delivering information to their patiently waiting families. Their excitement was emotionally overwhelming for me. I don't know how so many of you have your families in the room during birth, whew.

On a personal note, watching mama in labor made me want to have another baby... not gonna happen ;) It is truly magical touching a laboring/birthing mother or just being in her presence. The world trembles when another soul is about to enter it. It is probably the closest to "the the other side" you can get (other than death). I am still vibrating with that energy, way cool!
My next mama is due around Orion's birthday in November, I can't wait!


Mia's Mama said...

what a wonder full experience to be part of.
i could totally imagine you'd want another after being so close to it. we've only just begun, and i already want another :)
we're so excited to have you as our doula

jw said...

You're so cool and talented. I wish I had known you when I was pregnant.

C-man and Mama said...

Awww...I love that fresh baby scent! Too bad they dont have a little tree to hang on my rearview mirror that is "fresh baby".

Oh and dont do the shoulda-coulda-woulda because I know ya and bet you did everything you could for those parents and baby "Jane"!

Andrea said...

How wonderful, to be a doula.