Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My dirty little secret..

Song: Unwritten... Natasha Bedingfield

I LOVE "The Hills" on MTV. Don't ask me why... I Know they are a bunch of spoiled, snotty, whiny rich kids who make poor dating desicions and do nothing important with their lives, but I can't help myself!!! I started watching when they were all on "Laguna Beach" when I was living in Southern California. I got hooked to their mindless lives and petty arguments oh way back then, now I have a real problem. No, I don't follow their lives when the show is not on, I am not that crazy. Russ thinks I am insane for watching, but gets slightly hooked in if he sits down next to me (he will never own up to that if asked). Maybe its because I genuinely loved Laguna (the city, not the show) and so seeing it on tv was kinda fun, now I HAVE to know what Lauren is doing now. I am a super dork, I am aware. Please don't make fun of me, we all have our vices. :)


Mia's Mama said...

Just mentioned the line about Russ watching to Daryl and he started to say, 'he actually watches....oh, I guess I watch Project Runway...sometimes when there's nothing else on and I can't get you to change the channel...'


I've never seen The Hills, probably because somewhere deep down, I know I'll get hooked, too.

No stones being thrown from over here!

Bonnie said...

I have oh so many vices and bad shows I watch. Many of them make 'The Hills' look like Masterpiece Theatre.

Stephanie said...

I love The Girls Next Door.
I think that pretty much covers it.

C-man and Mama said...

LOL...used to watch Laguna but didnt continue on to the Hills!
I am hooked on Million Dollar Listing on Bravo which is a bunch of early 30's but look like they are 12 real estate agents who have the same petty arguments. Good TImes!