Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mommy needs a Time Out!!

Om on Coronado Beach, San Diego... by Me

But seriously! I have had one of those days today. I even had to cancel my massage for tonight because its so crazy here. I'd like to leave my kids in the house and take a walk, anything to get out. But unfortunately the dog is a terrible babysitter and oh yeah its totally unethical and illegal to leave your kids alone in the house, oh well. (you know I'd never actually leave my kids alone, riiiight?) Leilani has had a H-A-R-D day today, everything is a struggle. I actually locked myself and Orion in the bathroom to get away from her screaming. She told me several times today to hush it and that I needed to go away. I love being a mom, sigh. I try my hardest to keep my cool and stay in a neutral space, but its SO HARD! I am sure this is my life's lesson, patience with angry and overly frustrated little people, specifically my little people. I always have to remind myself something a friend told me... "Your children come through you, not for you." They are hear to live and learn just like I am. Her rants and tantrums are teaching her how to handle her world. Hopefully I am not screwing that all up for her. ;) I am going to escape to my mom's to go sewing tonight, whew. I am going to make small pillows for all my craniosacral classmates. She (mom) asked me if she needed to stop and get a bottle of wine for me, nope! I'll bring it with me! :) Tonight and tomorrow will be better, I am sure of it. :)

Russ heard the song I just added for this post In My Daughter's Eyes, Martina McBride.. and he said... "That doesn't sound like a I wanna strangle my daughter song". No, I don't want to strangle her, I just want peace in my house, that's all. I love my sweet baby girl, with every inch of my being, its just hard being a mom some days. Am I right mamas? Off to sew!


Andrea said...

Oh mama, I had many of those days with my oldest. He was the KING of tantrum throwing, but add in the aspect of not being able to communicate and ultra high sensitivity (HF Autism). So now what I deal with with Sophia, seems like cake.

Sounds like your kiddo is doing the normal 2 y/o stuff. Just keep reminding yourself, she will not be doing this when she's older...

And yes, it's wonderful when we're mindful and know when WE need a time out.

*Count your blessings that you have your mother so close by.

I love that symbol, BTW.
Mama Says Om.

Bonnie said...

Isn't this the hardest job ever? You are a braver soul than I because although I love them, I couldn't stay home with them. I am made of softer stuff. Bully for you for doing the hard work.

Mia's Mama said...

a day think today, and you were able to think of this:
'"Your children come through you, not for you." !!!!

I'm glad you're getting some respite...especially with your lovely mom.

Just think, in a couple of weeks, you'll have two days a week, where they won't be with you. I was a much better mama tonight b/c I had some time to myself.

love ya!

C-man and Mama said...

Damn hard work and totally feel ya on the terrific toddler phase. Still struggling with bedtime over here...ughhh!

jw said...

ok, here's my plan. You bring your kids over tomorrow, we'll lock em in the playroom to duke it out while we enjoy a mimosa or two or three.
say 7ish?

anja said...

Somedays are just never ending. Good idea to get in the bathroom yourself and not stay there and explode. You're so lucky to have your mama close by. Hope sewing was good. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I love reading your blog! That beach looks so great to me today. I, too, have had ONE OF THOSE WEEKS it seems. Explosive screaming, high drama, throwing...I seriously doubt my abilities on these weeks. I count the minutes till my hubby is home.

I wish I had better advice. What you typed was my exact week. I feel you. Getting out is just what you need.

Che starts "school" next week and I am going to work while he is there. I am actually looking FORWARD to work!

I need one of your massages too!