Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thank you Mom and Dad!

songs: Mom and Dad Waltz... Willie Nelson OR Summertime... DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
Our AC is STILL OUT, and will be till Tuesday! Which means Russell's relaxing weekend at home has been spent sleeping on an air mattress with me on my parents living room floor. If it were not for my folks we'd be in some motel, hungry and bored. Thankfully my parents are a lot of fun! A few days ago the AC here had to be turned off for several hours (Dad got insulation added to his attic) so we went to dinner at Shawn and Steph's house, where it was cool(we ate the carrot for dinner, see post below). Steph made a delicious meal and yummy sangria, she's a fantastic chef! Russ came home Friday night, hooray! But he leaves again at 4am tomorrow, boooooooo! I passed my Texas Massage Exam this week! Hooray, I have been workin' on this for 4 years since we moved here. It was all red tape moving from CA to TX where all the licensing regulations are different. So I am official, finally! Saturday morning he watched the kids so I could go shopping with my mom, Stephanie and her mom, I got all sorts of goodies, I love the RR outlet mall! When I came back we played in the baby pool while Grandpa worked on building a swingswet for the kids! How cool is that? My parents are the best! My Dad built Shawn and I a swingset when we lived in Woodenville, WA, and now he is building one for all the grandkids. They also have a playroom filled with toys here at their house, I think they had soo much fun as parents they want to do it again but this time they don't have to be the bad guys. THEN, they babysat the kiddos so Russell and I could go out on the town. We went shopping, then to Chez Zee for dinner, oh yum! Then downtown to the warehouse dist, we had some drinks at Cuba Libre where we sat and chatted till late, it was fabulous! Russ ordered the cruise of rum, anyone who knows my husband well, knows he doesn't even finish a beer let alone 3 shots and a glass of wine at dinner. He didn't finish them all, if he had we'd probably gone home in a taxi. :) It was a great night, hopefully it will tide me over until he comes home again next week. Tonight Shawn and Steph and the kids, and Steph's mom are coming over here for dinner. Steph's making ribs, mmmmmmmmm. ;)
So here are some of my favorite photos from this weekend, sorry for all the lack of clothes in all the pics, it f*ing hot here in Austin right now, therefore, water and no clothes!! :D

watching Fantasia 2000 from the best spot in the house!


Mia's Mama said...

First. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! When I moved back from CA, my state lic. had expired, and I'd have to take more classes and retake the exam. No thank you! I'm SO proud of you!!! This is obviously your of them :)

Fab shots! I'm glad you and Russ got some nice time together.

C-man and Mama said...

WOW, awesome weekend despite the A/C and air mattress! Your dad building the playscape for the grandkids is SO cool! Looks like lots of good food, good drinks and great peeps! Can I come