Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby No More... Welcome Binky Fairy!

song: Bye Bye Bye... N'Sync
turn off music at bottom to hear the video

What's that? You don't know who the Binky Fairy is??? She is a most magical fairy who comes to recieve the binkies of big kids who no longer need their binkies and gives them to new babies entering the world. Leilani had the Binky Fairy come yesterday, can you believe it?!? I woke up yesterday... and had the intuitive thought that "today is the day" to get rid of the binkies for Leilani. I know cold turkey is HARSH, but so far it has worked. I don't think she is a weaning kind of gal. She self weaned from the breast at 15 months and just told me one day, "all done, get down". Cold turkey seemed to be the best option. For those of you who don't know Leilani well, she is a 5 binkies at a time girl. One for her mouth, one for her nose and each eye and a few extra for good luck. :) Ok, at least 3 at a time. Well, not-any-more!!
I told her yesterday morning about the Binky Fairy, at first she was like, whaaaaaat? But warmed up to the idea after I told her that the BF left her toys in trade for the binkies, she was excited about the toys... We covered a shoe box and decorated it, and then gathered all the binkies we could find (which was a dozen) we will probably find a dozen more later. Then right before bed she said her goodbyes and decided to leave the box by the front door for the BF. And WHAT do you know? The BF showed up last night and brought her a bag full of gifts! WOW! She even left a card, how thoughtful of her. :)
So here's her "goodbye" and a few bad photos of our BF day.

So... I am feeling a bit sad today a little for me, and a little for her. Its tough growing up, but I am thrilled she's becoming a big kid, we'll leave the baby stuff to Orion (at least for a little while longer).


Stephanie said...

That is so sweet! You did good, Mama! She must have been ready if she didn't fuss about it. You were very creative!

Mia's Mama said...

Awwww Love love love the video of her saying she's a big girl know. I don't need you. OMG!!! How SWEET! You're a super smart mama!!!!

Stephanie said...

Now what is Natalie going to steal?

Andrea said...

What a great idea!