Monday, June 23, 2008

Solstice Party

Shawn and Steph threw the most beautiful Summer Solstice Garden Party last Friday night. They held it next to their fantastic garden, and Steph's food was Yum-O as usual. The theme was local fare... all ingredients were from Texas (with a few minor exceptions like where do you find olive oil in TX). She even bought a ferrel pig leg from the farmer's market, how cool is that? The beets, green beans and a few other things were from their garden and everything else was either grown in TX or better yet purchased from local farmer's markets and such. The dessert was a peach trio, mmmmm. She made a peach pie filling for fried peach pies, which she had made into a quart of Amy's Ice Cream as well, and a grilled peach with pearbutter goat cheese. I am drooling all over agian.
It was so nice to have some adult conversation with thier friends. Thanks Shawn and Stephanie for a wonderful evening!


Mia's Mama said...

Wow!!! Looks like a spread right out of a magazine...I'm also drooling!
What a wonderful way to celebrate the summer solstice :)

Andrea said...

Oh how lovely! What a beautiful event.

I enjoy taking photos of my set table too. You can tell much love went into this event.