Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am making the baby move out

10 weeks old... is that the last time he slept really well?? yikes

of our bedroom that is. We decided that after weeks, wait no, months of bad sleep for Orion AND Russ and I, that the sweet babe needs his own space. He's been in his crib, but attached to our bed like a cosleeper for a while now. When he learned to crawl we had to put the 4th wall up on the crib because he is ninja quiet and crawled out of bed and onto the floor 3 times in 2 days, no bueno. He wakes up if I roll over or heaven forbid I sneeze. I am hoping with the move to his room he'll sleep at least a little better than he does right now. I love sleeping with my babies, but alas I don't think my kids were cut out for longterm cosleeping, sigh. I think Russell is totally stoked about getting our room back, maybe he thinks he'll get more action if we don't have to do it downstairs. This could be good, for everybody!

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