Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warp speed

Why do I feel like I have somehow missed the last year? Where did all the time go? Its almost cold here (well in a couple more months we might need long pants for a few days). Orion is ALMOST 2!!! He is talking up a storm, and has become quite the ladies man. Leilani is 3 and a half and is simmering in all her "3-ness". It must be hard to be 3, you're not a baby, but you are not a big kid either. Its almost like adolescence, stuck in between. The days are very long right now, but the months are non-existent. I had wanted to slow things down, but it has been harder than expected.
We are all still eating a gluten free vegan diet over here, which has its pros and cons. All I want to eat right now is fall food, soup, stew, pasta, more soup. That doesn't vary much for my poor starving family. The kids are happy with almost anything (leilani has become fairly picky as of late), but at least she loves butternut squash soup. It has been such an overhaul for us, but I am loving the health that comes with it.
I can't wait to post pics of our family Halloween costumes! Leilani is going to be Sleeping Beauty and has requested that we (her royal court) attend to her. Russell shall be her Prince (but of course), I the Queen, and Orion the ferocious tiny dragon. Russ will even have HAIR for the day, how fabulous, what a sport! We love Halloween around here, although my kids know very little about candy, since they never get any. They eagerly await their daily vitamins, that's how much they know of candy. ;-) Halloween is more about the pretend than the candy (for now). We will offer a trade again this year for all of the candy loot.
I promise to keep up more with this poor blog, as soon as I can figure out how to slow time down. Pictures to come, I promise!

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