Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer vacation

Perhaps when its over 100 degrees for over 40 days in a row your brain starts to melt, and everything runs together. It seems as if the summer just started and here we are nearly the official school start. I have really slooooowed things down this summer, I even tried to put the brakes on my kids getting older, but alas they continue to sprout before my eyes.

Since I dramatically changed our families eating habits nearly 3 months ago, I guess I changed the way we lived along with it. I am really ok with the kids being 'bored', it means I am not over scheduling them. Although I haven't seen our playgroup friends as much as I would like, maybe when every body's schedules become more concrete in the fall we'll see them more often. If you haven't seen us in a while its because I am at Whole Foods or in the kitchen, or playing trucks with Orion while Leilani is at school.

The last few months have FLOWN by, and in a few weeks I go back to school again, how can that be? I even got a couple requests for work in Sept and October... are we really THAT close? yikes. It looks like I need to slow things down even more. Hmmm if only I could pause time.

We DID have some fun this summer, even if it was fast.

Leilani got to travel to North Carolina with Russell to visit Abuela and Grandpa Jim (Russell's parents). Orion and I got a quiet week together, which showed me just how much his world revolves around his sister. Leilani got to see beautiful waterfalls and head out on the lake for some fishing, fun fun fun.

Both of the kids took a week of swim lessons with "Dean" up at the Good Earth Day School pool. They loved the water, hopefully we can get them another lesson soon, keep those skills up!

And Russ and I just got back yesterday from Seattle. Our friend Traci married a great guy, Dale, on Saturday, but we took the opportunity to stay a few extra days to soak in the fantastic NW weather! (ok it was cloudy and drizzly, but it was in the 60's who could ask for a better break?!)

Russ was a great sport the entire trip. He's not much for the clouds, but I LOVE them! He even agreed to go on a guided boat tour in the fore casted rain, what a sweetheart. We traveled all over the city and even headed up the ride the ferry all around the San Juan islands, out to Friday Harbor and back. (We honeymooned in Friday Harbor 5 years ago) I ADORE Seattle. If the rest of my family would follow me, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

I found a cafe online (in a search for vegetarian restaurants) where we ate twice. The Flying Apron Bakery in Fremont is Vegan and gluten free, serving cafe lunches and baked goods. I had to stock up on baked goods for my next morning breakfasts too. It made me want to open a bakery just like it here in Austin, seriously. I MUST find a recipe for the maple berry layered cake they had, it was heavenly! They don't use any preserves in their food and almost everything in their store is organic, wahoo! With that restaurant and the fact we were a mile from a fantastic Whole Foods store, we had no trouble finding food to eat on our trip, whew!

Glad to be home, ready for the fall to come. I know I know, it won't be fall here until November, but I can't wait!

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Melissa said...

Love the vacation pictures - it sounds lovely! Just to see green must have been fantastic. I've always wanted to go to that part of the world.