Monday, November 30, 2009

I have a blog? Oh yeah....

Hello blog! I have forgotten about you, I sincerely apologize. My mind has been busy as of late. I am pregnant!!!! Holy Moly! Number 3 on its way in early June of next year. My first trimester was a slightly rougher than the previous two, but I am feeling MUCH better! Again, I'll have two babies in diapers, but life will be splendid none the less. Three shall be a wonderful circus of family life, I can't wait!
I will be done with my Craniosacral program in January, time has FLOWN by! I am excited to continue to work throughout this pregnancy and get back to work after the baby is born. Nothing seems to phase me anymore, I am always expecting changes in life, its a good thing I am comfortable with redirection. Someday I hope to sit and watch the sunset on the porch with Russell, but for now I am thrilled with new adventures. Onward and upward!

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lori said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that's super exciting!

and a happy belated 2nd bday to orion!