Monday, January 26, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen... The fabulous Bonnie Berry

photos by

I am addicted... to good photos of my children. I will fully admit it. I adore seeing my children's smiling faces on my walls, it's the best art there is (to me). As soon as I met Bonnie back in March and saw her work, I knew I wanted her to photograph my kids. She has taken some of my favorite photos, during shoots or just hangin' out, and I wanted to share them with you...
This is not by any means all of the pictures she has taken of us, but some of my favorites!

Please visit her website as well as her blog! She is an "on location Austin photographer who specializes in modern children and family portraits and wedding photgraphy" quoted from her blog. If I could've had Bonnie take our wedding photos, I would have been in heaven!!
And for all of my California friends... Bonnie makes a trip to CA twice a year, and could be available for your family or wedding sessions while she is there!! Lucky YOU!
Thank you Bonnie for capturing my family on film (ok, digital..) as I see us. I love your photos, and your gracious support for my business. I am eternally greatful to have you as a workout buddy and good friend! Cheers!
this is from my business website that Bonnie created
I love this shot! It's my "I'm not JUST a mom" shot, as my brother in law Stan called it. :) It is currently my Facebook profile picutre... nice huh?


Bonnie said...

Oh my GAWD! I am blushing.

jw said...

FABULOUS photos of a FABULOUS fam!

iMother2.0 said...

what she said

Bonnie sure is a gem, and the shots she's taken of me and my family have been the best ones of my life :)

Melissa said...

SO many gorgeous shots! I would never be able to pick among them.