Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, new focus...

As 2008 wrapped up I began to realize that it was time to "go back to work" (I use quotation marks there because we ALL know that being a SAHM IS a full time PLUS job). I was missing that piece of me that gets to work with adults, and that gets to make a difference in people's lives, albeit a small one. I LOVE and adore my children, but I was feeling the pull of my life's purpose. Allowing myself the opportunity to go back to doing what I emotionally and intellectually enjoy doing made me feel like I could be a better mother. A happy, resourced Mom is just what all kids need. If I have to be away from them a couple days a week to do that for them, its what's needed.

The kids started attending the Good Earth Day School in Leander in November, which allowed me to brainstorm how I was going to get back into working. My plan from day one was to open my own office space and do the work I love on my own terms. I had a few minor setbacks at first but then it happened!

My sister in law Tiffany had offered her office as a place I could open up shop if I needed it. At first I turned her down because I hadn't figured out what I needed to do... but as the fates would have it, I asked if she was still willing to let me in... and she invited me with open arms! Tiffany is a marvelous psychiatrist, and has been in private practice for several years in this office space. There is an extra room next to her room that has been empty for a while, so my services fit right in. The space is perfect, quiet and calm, with a waiting area and kitchenette. Its everything I had imagined for my own space (outside of my home). Tiffany worked extra hard to make this space just perfect when she moved in, and it shows. When I finished massage school in San Diego I only did out-calls (I brought my table to people's homes, office rent was out of the question), so I have been waiting 7 years to have an office where I could receive clients.

With the help of my good friend Bonnie, I have a new wonderful website, with lovely photos! And amazingly enough it's already done a spectacular job of introducing my business to a large group of Austinites! If you haven't been there its... Please take a look around! December was a great first month, and I look forward to starting 2009 with just as much momentum! Thank you to all who came to my open house and celebrated this next step in my practice!

So, for 2009 my goal is to introduce people to the Biodynamic Craniosacral work that I do. As previous posts have mentioned I am in a certification program for BCST, that will end in Jan of 2010 (which is only a year away, yikes!). I can already do the work, but my skills improve every time I do a session. I am learning more detailed info about the body and its capabilities with each new school module. In total, the time put into this program with be equivalent to more than what is needed to practice massage therapy in Texas. For those of you unfamiliar with this is a specialty in itself, rather than a form of massage. :) please see my website for a short description of the work. After receiving this work myself I became extremely focused on learning it to share with everyone, it is profound! Throughout massage school I never felt such a pull to a particular modality as I do for the Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. More of my time this year will be directed into studying and practicing this work, I wrote here... now I need to follow it! There is SOOO much to learn, but each piece I embody the more I feel "at home" with the work. I look forward to sharing the "movement within the stillness" with all of you!!

Love and Light in this New Year!


Stephanie E. said...

Congrats on your new office space. Sorry I didn't make to the open house. Wishing you tremendous success for 2009! One of these days, I WILL get a massage from you (my first).

Andrea said...

I LOVE your office space. It's perfect and very comfortable.

I will be back to see you in the next couple weeks. And then back again soon after thanks to my awesome Casa T. mamas. They know how to take care of me with gift certificate to Sara Ballard, RMT!