Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Apparently the only way to make your business grow is to personally meet everyone who might become a prospective client, shake their hand and introduce yourself. Oh wait... I don't have to do all that ... I can just meet a few people and get them to love me so much they'll want to tell EVERYONE they know about me and my services. That's it! I am surprised someone hasn't thought of that before! What's that you say, someone has? Oooooohhhh, THAT'S what networking is! got it. Ok, so how do I do that....

First: Offer all my friends, family and blog readers the opportunity to tell others about my business in return for cash! Fabulous!
For every new client that comes in referred by one of you (my friends or family) I will send YOU $10 in cash!!! Seriously.
Please just tell your friend that I need to know who referred them to me (or I won't know that you need any cash). :) Your word of mouth advertising is priceless to me and the success of my business, so thank you!
If you are a blog reader whom I've not had the opportunity to meet yet, I will extend a discount of $10 off your first session with mention of this blog post! :)

Second: Actually introduce myself to as many Austinites (who would be willing to talk highly of me and my business to everyone they know) as possible. Where do I find these people, OH I know... through great local blogs like LiveMom! Wahoo I have a plan, at least to start with!

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iMother2.0 said...

since I've experienced your fabulous massages and cranial sacral work first hand....I'm ON IT!

p.s. speaking of Livemom and networking....are you going to their Blogging women of austin party on Feb 28th?

Lostin Austin said...

I was thinking about your business adverting and growth situation, here are a few suggestions. The shotgun method, I know, the name sounds so anti-therapy, but anyways, mass market to anyone and everyone, regardless of demographic, yes sort of like spam, but less offensive. At the grocery stores, as you leave by the door, they often have a community bulletin board, lost/found dog, couch for sale, need a plumber, how about a paper flyer with your contact?

another suggestion is putting flyers under windshield wipers, make sure its legal in your area first. People love coupons, buy two/get one free.

Third suggestion to network. Your current circle of friends are mostly other mothers, fine, but consider volunteering your time at an old folks home, retirement green pastures community, or a Senior Living apartment building or neighborhood. Yes Volunteer, sure, you don't have time, but hey, it's an entry point for people to get to know you first for your good deeds, and then you casually bring up your work. Trust me, older folks are in pain, supposedly I'm in my youth and I ache like I'm 100. also on the web, look for blogs, group chats that are for "pain management" or recent car accidents.

also if you hang out outside a place that sells crystals and incense, handing out mini-bags of raw carrots, with your business card, you might be closer to your target demographic.

another one, with corp companies having all the bad news, approach their HR senior manager, to offer stress relieving sessions in these stressful times. Give the HR lady a free session. people like free stuff. you can probably give them a reduced rate if they get you a volume of customers. Convince the HR lady that a relaxed employee is less likely to go postal after being layed off. Hey it's austin, you still have that tall tower with the 1960s sniper? you could have prevented that if you went back in time.

nice photos, good luck!