Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yeehaw! It's bluebonnet season!

It's time again for annual bluebonnet photos!!! Its the one thing I LOVE about Texas! Being a transplant, I am sure I am more excited about bluebonnets than the locals who have seen them every year since birth and could care less. It is a sure sign of spring and warm, ok make that HOT months ahead! We have taken bluebonnet photos since Leilani was 4 weeks old, and will continue until they think they are too cool to pose for photos off the side of 1431 (gasp! their friends might see them! ;) )
This year its obvious how much they love playing with each other. They are coming into such a fun relationship now, it usually so fun to watch them together.

I can't seem to find all the digital files from previous years, but you get the idea! Enjoy!
Oh, and the music is by George Strait, Texas..
awww... sweet little Leilani 4 weeks old
Leilani 13 months
Orion 5 months
Leilani 2 years

Leilani 3 years Orion 16 months (this years pics)

Supposedly she's trying to catch him, but it looks very similar to other acts of sibling love ;)


jw said...

aawww.. Super cute! I love to see that Tx appreciation in a transplant!! You can stay! ;)

iMother2.0 said...

dig the boots and the shot where they're all over each other. The flashback through the years is priceless!