Monday, April 20, 2009

Independent Project

The Craniosacral program that I am in is the equivalent of a Masters program. It has been the most eye opening and brain stretching information I have ever studied, and I LOVE it! Over the 2 year course (of which I am over half way through, WOW!) I am required to do an independent study project and write up some sort of paper to explain what I have learned, and how I arrived there. This part of the program was giving me heart palpitations since its been a while since I have had to write 12 pages of anything, let alone about something that is technical and extraordinary. The plain option was to do a 12 page write up of all the cranial nerves and their functions etc... OR do your own chosen project. Cranial nerves???? No thanks too technical, although I still need to know all the info anyway. So where does that leave me? Kids.
I am going to write up detailed descriptions of my sessions with kiddos from birth to age 5, and find out the extra specifications to working with children. So if you get a note from me asking to bring your kids in to see me, you'll know why.
I am looking forward to doing more Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with my clients as time goes on. The work can be life changing, and just down right awesome. Want a really detailed description of what I do?.. read this. (by John Chitty RCST

Ok, so I just posted this entry but I have since had what they call an epiphany! I am going to keep my final project under wraps until I have more of a handle on how to present it.. I will re-write a new post when that all happens. Should be good!! :)


iMother2.0 said...

very cool! I'm glad I don't have to write a paper on anything.
If you want a couple of kiddo's to work on, I've got a Mia and almost a Lily :)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your project sweetheart. Now post more photos of you and the kids while I am away on business travel!

Anonymous said...

John what? aaaaahahahahah