Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleared for take-off!

Our large, sweet yet dumb dog Ben LOVES to run. Along the fence line. A lot. See, we live on a corner lot, where the school bus passes every morning and afternoon, the UPS trucks zip back and forth, and the kids ride their bikes to and fro. And Ben, chases every single one of them, jumping every 10 feet or so to peek his head over the fence to say hello. Literally jumping straight up he charges up and down the 50 or so feet of our yard. Needless to say, he has made a path, well, let me change that, he has made a 4 feet wide path of mud. The grass has been destroyed as well as the ground beneath it. So we have begun a large landscaping project, I now affectionately call Ben's "runway". We are adding gravel to his path, in hopes we can eliminate the large mud pit, and the kids can play in the backyard without the need for an immediate bath (dog included). The rocks are being delivered this morning, but we still have LOTS of work to be done before they even get touched. I spent almost 7 hours in the yard yesterday digging down 5 inches, so the rocks have a bed to lay in. Russ gets to install the edging and weed control stuff while I work, then we both get to haul rocks for what seems to me will be forever.

Let's just hope the dog will actually run on the gravel. If he starts the run on the grass next to it, I am going to cry. :-) Whew! Off to work!


iMother2.0 said...

'If he starts the run on the grass next to it, I am going to cry.'

LOL! I'm so impressed with you!

Kerry & Laura said...

That is the very same reason we landscaped our yard. Now Pedro runs in the gravel and digs holes in it. There's no winning with dogs.
Miss you!!!!