Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On Monday night I had the privilege of attending a Blessingway for 5 of the beautiful women in my mother's group. All of which are full with child... and are due to give birth between a few weeks from now and sometime in June. These lovely ladies are preparing for their second child... and all have a 3 year old (or close to) at home.

A Blessingway is similar to a baby shower, only its just about the mother and her transformation into motherhood and preparation for birth. We made them all special strings of beads to take with them during their labors. Each bead was carefully chosen for specific reasons by each attendee and strung with love. We shared our hopes for each new mother for their births and for their families once the babies arrive.

Several of the women have chosen me to attend their births as their doula, which humbles me to no end. I hope I can bring some grounding presence to their births, and help them (and their wonderful husbands) feel safe and strong throughout this wondrous process.

Each mama is so special and will be such wonderful mother of two! I am looking forward to meeting their new little ones oh so very soon!

They each got henna on their bellies, so beautiful! Please see my friend Andrea's blog for fabulous pics of the blessingway and all the henna art.

My wish for Heather... that your sweet baby finds the best way to navigate the birth anatomy and that he makes a swift and pain free entrance into this world. I know that you and your hubby will be so prepared to meet him (SOON) and excited to move forward as a family of four from the first moment. I hope your daughter loves him more than anything else in the world and that she really will bring all of his toys back to him. ;) You are an extraordinary mother and friend, I honor you.

My wish for Tanya... that your little flower encourages your body to work at its full potential from the first moment. You two are a beautiful team (you and your flor) and will work in perfect union from the first sign of labor to holding her in your arms. You and your man are solid, and will create such a safe space for your girls. Your sweet girls are lucky to have you and D as their parents, lucky lucky lucky! You are an extraordinary mother and friend, I honor you.

My wish for Andrea... that this little baby girl is kind to your body during labor. I hope she listens to your cues as much as you will be listening to hers. I wish you the same strength you had with your first birth, and hope this one is faster and smooth sailing from start to finish. I hope your son adores her as much as you do and that he learns to protect her and keep her safe. You will be an amazing mother of two, I'll have to take notes ;) You are an extraordinary mother and friend, I honor you.

My wish for Gale... that this sweet baby induces his or her own labor in a timely manner. :) The he/she gives you a phenomenal birth experience that will be exquisitely written about on her blog someday. I am wishing you a fast, pain free and intervention free labor and birth (unless needed or totally desired) that leaves you totally satisfied. You are an extraordinary mother and friend, I honor you.

My wish for Sharon... that this baby boy's grand entrance will be nothing but ordinary, and beautiful. I hope those "birthing hips" get to do just what they were designed to do. ;) I am sending out the best vibes for you to get this baby to bring on labor all by himself (when the time is perfect) and that he knows exactly what to do. You remind me of San Diego, not because you lived there but because you are pure sunshine. I am hoping this baby has all of your qualities, and I can't wait to meet him! You and your hubby will do splendid in labor and birth... I am so excited for you! You are an extraordinary mother and friend, I honor you.

Mamas... please know just how excited I am for all of you... and that my support is always available. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancies (as short as that might be), remember each tiny movement and savor everything. Allow yourself the opportunity to cocoon and transform, into this new role and second leg of this crazy adventure of parenthood. Enjoy being pregnant goddesses for a little while longer, and then welcome. Welcome to the other side. :) Big hugs to all of you!!!


C-man and Mama said...

As always I am humbled by you and your amazing love and encouragement! Your friendship and these words mean more than I can express in a comment. Much Love!

iMother2.0 said...

Oh Sara, I love you so. I'm so happy that you're sharing this experience with our family. You are a great source of encouragement and your possitive nature is something that I treasure.
And, yes, you know I'm enjoying being a pregnant goddess :)

gale said...

Wow, Sara. Thank you! I feel very empowered by your words. I honor YOU! You are wonderfully supportive by saying so little. You always seem to know just what to say. LOVE LOVE LOVE to you!

Brad Bradley said...

How can you be a writer too? I thought you were just a master masseuse and superior doulab... you have got some serious talent, girl! Thank you for the sweet words, i feel honored to know you and feel so confident and excited about having you at the birth! I could not imagine having a better situation for this second birth. Love you.