Saturday, October 18, 2008

music of our lives

I was driving yesterday and several of the songs on the radio brought back very vivid memories, of events I have very a lot or very little emotional attachment to. I kept thinking about how I can place myself in any year of my life by the music I listened to. I am always amazed at our power of memory, and the physicality of the stored memories and emotions in our bodies. When I heard this song you are listening to, (Black Velvet) I immediately think of the first time a boy asked me to ice skate in a couples skate at the indoor rink in my hometown. His name was Jonah and he had curly blond hair (actually he kinda looked like Justin Timberlake, in hair at least) and I was wearing my ripped in the knee jeans and a Washington State Univ sweatshirt. I was so nervous, I said no and was too embarrased to skate the rest of the session . Just hearing the song brought on those flushed cheecks and the crazy crush anxiety, wacky huh? I will never forget that feeling, even though I had no real encounter with him, and it will ALWAYS be tied to this song.
The Pat Bentar song had different meaning until I watched 13 going on 30, and now I will only think of this movie and "Love is a battlefield". Jennifer Garner is cute, but I have a secret crush on Mark Ruffalo. ;) (the song is set to play after Black Velvet in case you are jonesin for some Pat Benetar)
Pictures couldn't do this post any justice, since these memories are all in my head... enjoy the tunes! :)


anja said...

lovely post. i totally relate to the flushed cheeks the moment the song starts to play..our memories are amazing. poor jonah..poor ripped jeans sara=)

Mia's Mama said...

I SOOooo know what you mean with certain songs being the soundtrack of our lives.

My first kiss: With Lee Wisdom...out on some haybales and I could hear John Cougar's Jack & Diane playing on someone's car radio. That song will take me back to that spot every time :)